Tesla: Ultimate Guide


This book is a guide to everything Tesla forgot to include in the manual. It’s packed with essential information that any Tesla owner needs to know, and it’s written in an easy to follow way.


Since the first customer deliveries of the Model S in 2013, Tesla has transformed the entire automotive industry. It has rolled out a worldwide charging network, introduced over-the-air software updates, and proved that electric vehicles can be faster, more fun, and more advanced than any traditional car. 

This book is a guide to everything you need to know about Tesla and its vehicles. You’ll learn about the incredible Model S, the Model 3, plus every other Tesla vehicle that’s already on the roads or waiting to hit the tarmac. You’ll also learn about living with a Tesla, top driving tips, how to use the Supercharger network, plus much more. All of this essential information is written in an easy to follow way and surrounded by beautiful photography. Inside you’ll discover:

• An overview of the entire Tesla lineup.
• Detailed information on Autopilot, including how it works.
• A guide to Supercharging and using public networks.
• Guides to the touchscreen and menus.
• Efficient driving tips.
• Answers to common questions.
• Plus so much more.


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